12 August 2008

Backups Reorganization pt. 8: Oracle

I was saving the Oracle database backup for last because I felt that it would be the most difficult to do right. As it turns out, the client's chief Oracle user and DBA has already done most of the work. He is dumping the databases that he cares about to a server and directory which I am already backing up. I need to ask him to try do do a test restore though. That's pretty key.

In the meantime, I learned about another server that needs to be backed up but which isn't. The only trick is that that particular server is behind a corporate firewall so my backups servers can't initiate contact. I'm going to have to have the target server initiate a push of data.

Ultimately, that's the model that I want for all backups. That is, a client resides on the target machine which polls a central server for instructions and then, if allowed, makes the connection to the backups server and sends the data.

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