12 December 2007

Ubuntu Install, pt. 6

After using Compiz for about a dozen hours, I'm convinced that the driver for my ATI card is now stable. There have been no lock-ups of the computer. Glad to have that unpleasantness behind me so that I can enjoy all of the eye-candy that my 3D card can render up.

In a previous post I complained about the Ubuntu Eclipse package being 3.2 while the latest stable release was 3.3. Well, I decided to do something about it and downloaded and configured the 3.3 Eclipse. Dang, that was easy. Now all that's left to do is uninstall the 3.2 package (mostly just to reclaim space and prevent later confusion on my part).

RDT and PyDev plugins function perfectly under 3.3 and I get the Mylyn plugin for free as well as the XPlanner connector. I'm back to liking Eclipse again (PyDev is sweet!). Eclipse is a memory hog, however. It regularly consumes 350Mb of RAM but that was more or less true on Windows too.

Last night, I downloaded and installed VMWare server. I haven't had a chance yet to run any of my VMs that I need. That'll come a little later. I fully expect them to work with no problem.

As each day goes by I'm becoming more satisfied with my switch away from Windows for my desktop OS. My most recent joy with Ubuntu was the awesome packages and their integrations. Specifically, I needed to install both Python 2.4 and 2.5 and keep them seperate and didn't want a lot of configuration hassles. It was no problem at all with Synaptic. That's handy and something Windows does not have.

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