09 December 2007

Ubuntu Install, pt. 3

Day three of the switch to Ubuntu just about put me over the edge and running back to Windows. Basically, my computer would lock up randomly when I was using Firefox. Fortunately, I got some sense and decided that if its just a Firefox issue then I just wouldn't depend upon Firefox and would later try a different browser like Opera or something. What really mattered to me though and the key measures of success was whether I could 1) get Eclipse running, 2) get the Juniper SSL running, and 3) get VMWare server running and be able to use the Cicso VPN within it.

Getting Eclipse running turned out not to be a big deal as long as I used the eclipse package from Ubuntu. That and I had to also use the sun-java6-jre package. Actually, that was kind of nice having those things install so smoothly and not having to install by hand like I would with Windows. The only negative and its pretty slight is that the packaged Eclipse was at version 3.2 and the latest, stable Eclipse is 3.3. So what, you ask? Well, Mylyn comes bundled with 3.3 and not in 3.2. I had to install v. 2.0 of Mylyn instead of the latest 2.2. In the big picture, that's not a big deal.

There are some implications, however, of not being at the latest releases of Eclipse and Mylyn. My company uses XPlanner as our project management software. There is a Mylyn connecter for XPlanner but it won't be available to me in this version of Eclipse/Mylyn. That's really not a big deal since Mylyn is nice to use but is not yet critical to me. I have used the XPlanner connecter before and found it to be pretty handy to have all of my development tasks including bugs from bugzilla in one view within Eclipse.

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