13 May 2008

Inno Setup

I have been tasked at work with writing a one-click MySQL installer for win32. Luckily, I have the awesome and amazing Inno Setup packaging tool at my disposal. Inno Setup is full-featured and capable, however, it isn't easy to use for complicated packaging scenarios. One has to discover and use helper scripts to simplify tasks such as decompression and manipulating environment variables. My secret weapon is that I have access to a great set of example scripts that a previous colleague wrote a few years ago. He was a super bright guy but it still took him months to produce our main Inno Setup script. That just shows the power and complexity of the tool. I expect that it'll take me 3-5 more days to get the MySQL installer just right with the proper configuration and addition of odbc and the gui tools.


  1. This is great stuff! I love Inno Setup.

  2. Nvin Installer is a Free, open source installer. I found it really interesting !!!